What's a PSN?

I'm torn. The PSN's back. I found it at the back door, tail between its legs. "Sorry, Master. Next time I'll leave a note." But I'm not really sure if I should let it back in, besides the fact that it's been raining and I just washed the floors.

See, with the network down, I had to find other methods of maintaining my interest. Funny thing is, despite my concern over this thing they call 'real life', I actually found it rather rewarding. More rewarding than trophies, believe it or not. So I opened the door the other day and discovered this thing called 'The Sun.' It's this amazing gas giant that the Earth revolves around (I don't think that's been proven yet, I'll get back to you on that). It warmed my skin way better than my usual microwave technique, I can't believe I didn't discover it before on wikileaks.

Still with me? My point is, we've become such a technology driven society that if something were to go wrong, we'd be bleeped. Totally bleeping bleeped. No emails? No SMS? Forget about the world turning, this is end of the galaxy stuff!

Perhaps, on reflection, I'm judging this a little harshly. I mean, Sony *did* have all our contact details and credit card info stolen. Bad Sony, bad! Go to the corner! But seriously, it's not something to be taking the bleep out of. What annoys me, however, are the endless amount of people complaining that their lives, their weekend plans, their whole supposed existence has been utterly destroyed because they can't pull out a spleen or drop a hole in the ground against a fourteen year old kid in Iceland.

I'd like formally apologise to any readers from Iceland. Clearly not all of your fourteen year olds play PS3 ... what with all that ice around.

I'd like to formally apologise to any readers from Iceland. Clearly your land isn't full of ice. However, if you do in fact have some, my coke's getting warm.

What was I typing? Something about games, I think. Seems like all this time away from them have left me a confused mess. Even my 3DS left fifteen messages for me, but I couldn't bare to answer. That's the moral of this blog post. Now that PSN is back online, don't allow it to take over your life again. Or anything else gaming wise for that matter (I'm looking at you, World of Killing Things!). Go outside, smell the roses, or if you so desire, burn some ants.

I'd like to formally apologise to any readers from Antland. Clearly you are an inferior species, but I love you all the same and I'd never burn you. Besides, I've got Portal 2 co-op to catch up on. Cya in virtual hell folks!

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Jess said...

Have I mentioned lately that you are insane?

Ok, but so am I, but don't tell anyone, shush!

I've been doing this thing lately where I go outside more. A bit weird considering it's started getting colder, but the sun is so nice! And I have a lovely balcony with a table and a gnome and everything!