The 2012 E3 Predictions Post

Yup, it's nearly the time where all gamers around the world wait with baited breath for the biggest announcements they already knew about to be telecast live on the internet that isn't fast enough to stream it. It's E3 time. Time for predictions.


* A Large Wii U Focus: This one is obvious. After the initial impressions from last year, Nintendo has a lot to show off if the plan is to launch in October/November this year. And with the competition looking strong, a big focus on third party launch exclusives will be the key. Hence:

* Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U Launch Exclusive: I've got a funny feeling this might come about. The game was recently pushed back to early next year, however the press release from Sega didn't mention the launch date for the Wii U. Which leads me to consider this possibility, that Nintendo has reached out to Sega for exclusive rights for a few months before everyone else. It's always possible.

* Starfox and F-Zero Return: Here's two franchises we haven't seen much of lately, besides the recent Starfox 3DS title. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo brought them out from the basement for the Wii U, possibly as launch titles but more than likely within the first year of the consoles life. F-Zero may also make it to 3DS.

* Zelda Exclusive for 3DS, hints at Wii U HD version: Ocarina of Time sold very well for an HD update, so the chances are Nintendo will look to re-kindling the sales success with a new iteration of the franchise. Plus, since the response to the Zelda HD demo last year went down so well, it would be criminal not to capatalise on that. At the very least, Zelda will make an appearance in some form this year.

* Full Wii U Launch Details: This one's obvious, including the full launch list of titles and possible launch dates. Expect Darksiders II and Batman: Arkham City to lead the way along with new Mario and Pikmin.


* Uncharted 4: Who better to surprise us than Nathan Drake. It's already been hinted that Naughty Dog now has two development teams, and The Last of Us is shaping up well. That'll make an appearance too, but Uncharted will no doubt turn up in some way or form.

* God of War on Vita: There's a fourth major title on the way for the PS3, but the Vita needs as many big names incoming to make it a success. Expect GoW to lead the way for Vita exclusives, along with possible iterations of Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank and Killzone.

* Media Molecule's Next: While LittleBigPlanet continues on its merry way on via kart racing and Vita spinoffs, its creator may very well show off its next exclusive PS3 title, and it won't be LBP related.

* More Vita Exclusives: Expect Square-Enix and Capcom to show its support for Sony's handheld in a big way, along with plenty more.


* Halo 4 and Gears 4 dominate: Kinect aside, these two franchises continue to keep Microsoft afloat. Without them, the Xbox would be dead in the water. Unfortunately, Kinect will still get a large piece of floor time.

* A new franchise player: Halo and GOW aside, only Forza and Fable stand as a big franchises on Xbox. Expect Microsoft to launch a new exclusive title or two in the hopes they can build their stable.

* The return of Rareware: Besides Kinect Sports, the once major powerhouse of platform gaming may finally get a chance to return to the spotlight this year. Perhaps an Xbox Live exclusive Banjo Kazooie sequel, or an entirely new character. Or better yet, the long awaited return of Killer Instinct.

* Kinect Gears of War: Possibly related to the new rumoured sequel, or a separate title, expect Kinect and GOW to come together in some fashion.


* 2013 Line-Up: All the titles we were hoping would make it out this year that have since been pushed back to 2013, including Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider's reboot, will be on show and in playable form for the first time.

* Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Finally.

* Boba Fett: That rumoured Star Wars title? Yup, the bounty hunter we all love is set to return in a big way.

* Elder Scrolls MMO: More on this big spin-off from Bethesda.


* The Wii Vitality Sensor: Call this one DOA.

* Kinect Barbie Dance: Because that would just be stupid ... and yet strangely, entirely possible.

* Killer Instinct: Yeah yeah, I did mention it above, but we've been waiting for sooooooo long now, would anyone at Rare still remember how to make a game like that? Let along Microsoft bring back a franchise long since departed. We can only hope, but it's the longest of long shots.



It's been a while since I posted. I've been putting the time into my exegesis, trying to get it done on time.

It's not easy, writing something so technical and one dimensional. I'm quickly learning that even if I got the right result, phd just isn't for me. It's not that I couldn't try, what I've done so far is far more than I originally anticipated, and that's all from trying. I needed to know how hard I could push myself, how far I could go. I think, now, I've figured it out.

So perhaps I won't get as high a mark as I hoped for the work that I'm doing now. Perhaps I won't get anywhere near that at all. But that's not the point. I've learnt all I can now. I have to start putting it onto paper. Just not poems either. I have a book to finish, more than one if I get the chance.

Hopefully, one day, I'll get the chance to make something of all of this. It's going to happen, eventually. I know they say it's bad to ask for a little good luck, that luck isn't what's required from life, but hey, can't hurt right? Just a little?

Besides, I'll be thirty in just over a month. God still hands out birthday presents, doesn't he?