But Besides Gaming...

Life's been good lately. Work's been good. Uni's been good. Gaming's been ... good.

What? You really thought I'd say something else?

I tell you what's been really good. There's this warm fuzzy feeling I seem to be getting a lot of lately, it's that feeling of friendship so strong I just can't help but smile.

Then again, there's a small concern regarding said friendships. If it continues to be as good as it is now ... and we haven't signed a contract negotiation yet ... does that mean I'm getting free friendship credits? I mean, that's cool and all, but I'd hate to think I'm ripping people off!

There's someone out there right now going 'you're such a dork'. Have I mentioned I like that? I think it's about time I embrace it instead of being embarrassed about it. I've kinda retreated from it at times, don't ask me why, but if this is the person I am ... well, fuck the lot of 'em, I'm going ahead with it anyway! Don't like it? See if I care!

This is me, the whole chebangabang, worts and all. If you're reading this, that means a lot. Really.  A lot.

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