I've Finished ME3: The Results (UPDATED)

I've finally completed Mass Effect 3. Spoilers to follow:

I've deleted this post three times now because every time I try to answer the biggest questions, or solve the biggest riddles to the ending, I find myself shaking my head. Not because I'm wrong, or that anyone else is wrong, but that everyone's perception of what the ending is will always be different. Even Bioware.

In the end what matters to me is how I saw it. I'm quietly satisfied. My Shepard made the right choice, the people I respected and loved survived, the galaxy is saved. That much is over and done with. What happens next, whether Shepard's story is really over? Well, the last sentence out of Buzz Aldrin suggests it's not over at all.

We will bitch, we will moan, and in the end Bioware will save face by doing what they always set out to do. Release DLC. Because that's how people make money these days, expanding the experience after it's done. The story isn't over yet, it's waiting in the wings for our credit card. That's what annoys me, not the ending itself. That I have to pay for the REAL twist to the story, not the one we're fighting over.

If nothing else, Bioware dug themselves a hole by not revealing what they really wanted to. Maybe that's because of EA, or of personal greed, or this supposed Indoctrination Theory, but either way this isn't over yet. Perhaps, out of all of this, Bioware has played the greatest trick of all, by forcing its fan base to believe in the conclusion to a story that didn't even exist (at least in the game). It's backfired, if that's the case, but it's ingenious all the same. Time will tell.

As for the God child? I get it. I like it as a story element, I honestly do. But I think the execution of that story was wrong, rushed perhaps. It makes sense, to a point, but it needed further clarification which the Extended Cut DLC will hopefully provide (thankfully free of charge too).

EDIT: Having read up fully on the Indoctrination Theory, and the hints Bioware have been dropping, it seems more and more likely that the ending to Mass Effect 3: Disc Edition isn't the ending to Mass Effect 3: The Full Thing. It's easy to be angry at this, like I said above, Bioware seems to have been too smart for their own good and this intriguing idea has backfired on the audience. The Director's Cut will more than likely make it more obvious to us that it's a fake ending, while 'THE END' dlc will hopefully be free to make up for the miscommunication. 

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