Mass Effect 3 - Day Three

I'm getting a little tired of having to visit the Citadel so often. It seems every time I leave, someone messages me telling me their waiting there for a quick chat. Every. Single. Time. It doesn't help that there's so much other stuff to do, yet the events on the Citadel itself are linked to some of the more interesting quests and stories in the game.

I won't spoil it, but there's a surprise or two.

Arguably my favourite moment so far involves one of the characters I've come to appreciate the most ... and it isn't Wrex. Now, don't get me wrong, he's a great character and wonderfully voice acted, it's a fantastic race. But Garrus has always been a character I've enjoyed, thanks largely to his relationship with my ManShep. He's like a brother, the kind of guy you can count on in a crisis, can have a heart to heart with, and never find a reason to argue.

Now, I gather that there are some of you who will disagree, though I argue that the relationships between characters can so easily be affected by the choices you make, and these choices will ultimately determine how the characters themselves play out on screen. So while my Garrus may be my personal favourite because of his attitude and banter, the same cannot be said for others who have played the entire Mass Effect differently to me.

That just goes to show you the depth this game allows, by providing unique tales built around a core narrative, all based upon how you want to play it. For me, I'm trying to complete as much as I possibly can in the first run, which provides a deeper insight into the universe around ManShep.

But getting back to that moment I mentioned, there's a sequence on the Citadel involving Garrus that really did make me smile, and there's been many of them in the few hours I've put into this. Bioware know how to pull on the heart strings while also making you laugh aloud when the time is right, and that's exactly the kind of detail I like. You can really tell they love this world just as much as I do playing within it, even down to the most simplest of missions.

Unfortunately, my iTunes account as decided to play up, so no update on the portable spin-off just yet, hopefully the next update you see here will include some details on that little venture. I will mention, though, that I've upgraded to the limited edition of the game, which includes the first lot of story based DLC. When I get to that, I'll bring out the spoiler alert banner and throw it up ... just in case.

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