An ME Update ... would have been here if it wasn't for my PS Vita.

Not that I'm not playing Mass Effect because I'm not enjoying it, far from it, it's been a blast so far. But (and I'm sure I've mentioned it before), being a slow gamer that I am, I'm still trying to finish all of the trophies in Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Perhaps I should explain why. You see, after all these years ... I don't have a Platinum trophy to my name. My Xbox gamer score is fairly solid, I've finished a majority of the puzzles on my 3DS, but this one little thing missing on my gaming record has started to bug me. Not that I'm going to go out, find the cheapest, crappiest game on the market just to fix things up nice and neatly either.

So, seeing in my Vita with a nice shiny (all be it, fake) trophy seemed like a good idea ... at the time. Damn Mass Effect and its need for my constant attention.

To make matters worse, I finally started watching A Game of Thrones. My God, what an awesome show. Such levels of detail, highly entertaining characters and dialogue, some intense moments of emotion ... and there hasn't really been an action sequence yet. That's testament to how good the show is, that it doesn't need to resort to all out blood and guts to hit the point home.

Yes, there's a little of that in there so far (no doubt more to follow, only a handful of episodes in so far), and yes, there's nudity too. It's a trend that HBO are happy to continue, and why not? If realism is to be made of a fantasy world, might as well go all the way. It's certainly working here.

I'll get back to ME eventually, probably tomorrow. I will say, however, that the little side quests on IOS (infiltrator and the ME app) are nice distractions to the main game. Not perfect by any means, but it's not bad either. In fact, I'd go as far to say if you don't want to play the multiplayer aspect of ME3 at all (and I know some of you don't), I'd download the free app to your iPhone, check in every few hours and bump up your Galactic Readiness enough to improve your ending without as much hassle.

As for the ending itself? Since I haven't seen it, I won't talk about it too much. But I read a tweet the other day that kinda made sense. Don't take the last few minutes as the end, take the entire game as the end. Especially for all the minor characters, that's exactly the way I'm taking it as I go along.

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