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The wait is nearly over. I can almost taste the front cover, just out of reach of my outstretched arms, taunting me with every wave of its brooding FemShep. I've been having dreams lately, filled with a deadly invasion of red ringed xbox consoles and shut down PSN servers, the ultimate nightmare as my game of choice drifts away into the sky never to be seen again...

What? So I'm a little excited about a video game, what's new! You know I'm a passionate gamer, it's my past time of choice, and come Thursday I'll have the ultimate game finally within my grasp. Will it be the greatest thing ever made? Probably not, but I don't care. I love this series, I love the characters and the universe, everything about it. It's what a modern Star Wars could so easily have been, if it wasn't for whiney teens and a bearded looney (not, not Obi-Wan. Think flannel.)

I do have my concerns. What will co-op be like, another cheap add-on like Dead Space? Will Shep die to save the galaxy in a lame, over the top finale? Or will Bioware pull through with a satisfying conclusion without it feeling stereotypical of today's gaming designs? All will be revealed, when I reveal the revealing revelations of Mass Effect 3 over the coming days (spoiler alert, I'm not playing as FemShep).

In the meantime, this PS Vita will have to do. Oh look, Uncharted!

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Karen Murphy said...

I want to post a comment,so consider this a witty reply to all the bad jokes you take no responsibility for.