Saving Face

I've decided not to use Facebook for a while. I know I've said it before, but I feel this time it's important. Why? Because it isn't worth the time. Staying in contact is the argument I hear all the time, and I agree, but picking up a phone and calling or sending a text message (which I plan to do more often), is just as easy as opening an app or a laptop and typing a few words. Add to that, calling someone and chatting means the conversation is far more worthwhile, upfront and enjoyable than watching a sentence or two go back and forth, especially if there are long pauses.

Ultimately, it's the fact that the emotion behind the conversation is lost behind the digital space that annoys me the most. If I want to convey something, I want people to know exactly what I mean, not type a stupid ':p' face every five bloody seconds.

Maybe this is a sign that I'm growing up a little. I miss late night phone chats, I miss talking to people I love.

It's just a small part of a much larger plan. There's a few things that need to change, now that I've settled down at the new home. The ultimate goal is to find peace, to enjoy life and not worry about everything around me. I'm not saying I'm stressing out, far from it, but I'm not exactly comfortable at the moment. I've got a lot of projects to work on that can open a lot of doors, but if I'm not happy, if I feel as if something doesn't fit, then it needs to change. No more sitting around waiting.

Those who know me, know I've tried these things before. This time isn't different, but I'm not going to falter this time. Because for once, the timing feels right. Change is in the air, remember?

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