The Confession Post

I confess. I'm a chocoholic.

No, wait, wrong blog.

Annnnyway, I think I've come to realise that I haven't really done much of the little things in my life. You know, like going out randomly in the middle of the night, or sending random text messages or playing pictionary. Scratch that last one though, I did that the other week (and won thank you very much. I retire unbeaten!)

My point is, I need to be more random, spontaneous. I'm sure I've blogged this previously (let me just check here, oh look, there it is). I think the longer I stick around these waters, the only way I can have fun and break loose from my little moments of bleak disdain against reality (and that's the only poetic moment of this entire post, I promise) is by running with plastic scissors screaming 'I'm Wolverine!'

The more obvious answer to my problems is simply just smiling more, that's what I need to do. I'm still the kid at heart, just need to show it a little more.

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Karen Murphy said...

You Shall not retire unbeaten, I will beat you next time!