10 Things E3 Did Get Wrong

1) Microsoft's Conference: Besides Halo 4 and the surprise Splinter Cell, plus a little thing called Tomb Raider, there wasn't much for Microsoft to crow about. Yes, Gears of War and Forza were there, but as teaser trailers that barely said anything (or did anything for that matter), and a bunch of tech related to Kinect that I really don't care about. Something they didn't mention that has since been confirmed is an AFL channel, since E3 was all about US sports. There's no doubt that Microsoft are holding back until next year, when the next console is finally revealed.

Also, when two non-game developers take the piss out of your own presentation in the middle of said presentation, you know it's not going as well as planned. Though credit to Matt and Trey, who easily stole the show with the best moment of the week.

2) Nintendo: Don't get me wrong, there's plenty to look forward to, but this year seems like a failure to me. What could have been a massive list of announcements, one big title after another, was nothing but a bunch of titles we already knew about and three separate conferences that went over the same stuff. Mario's there, Pikmin's back, but without Zelda, Metroid and Starfox, it felt fairly empty in terms of long term releases. There's always the chance that another Nintendo only event will occur before the Wii U launch (similar to the 3DS events last year), but for now, we'll have to continue waiting. And waiting.

3) PS Vita: The lack of announcements doesn't bode well for a handheld that's not even a year old. There's a few things there, but nothing near the support the 3DS is quickly starting to build up. Just like the good old DS vs PSP days then, I guess some things never change.

4) Call of Duty: Looks like COD is just about set to jump the shark. Perhaps a year off might do the trick, yeah?

5) Rare: So I was wrong about the return of an old favourite. Allow myself a moment to weep.

6) Kinect & Move: The two biggest things of last years E3 are almost dead in the water. Kinect only exists to serve as a tool for things that aren't gaming related, and Move is ... well ... I don't really know why it was there in the first place. Since Nintendo are taking the a few jumps away from motion control (though the Wii U still uses the Wiimotes as a secondary control option), it seems like the motion fad is just that, a fad.

7) Killer Instinct: *whimper*

8) The Big Finale: Remember the days when E3 used to end with 'oh, and one more thing', followed by a huge game no-one saw coming? Microsoft thought showing off Call of Duty Black Ops II was just that. Nintendo finished with ... well, not much of anything. At least in Sony's case, despite the fact it wasn't a surprise, The Last of Us was fun to watch. I just with E3 was more like the old days.

9) Killer Instinct: Hear that? That's my heart breaking. Again.

10) What ever happened to: The Last Guardian, Fire Emblem 3DS, Monster Hunter 3G, Uncharted 4, no new 3DS redesign (though that was always a long shot), all of the big Nintendo franchises outside of Mario. Just a short list of the stuff that wasn't there, though some were briefly mentioned in passing.

11) Killer Instinct. No really, why do this to me?

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