What it means to be my kind of human...

This past weekend has been an amazing ride, full of unexpected surprises and events long dreamed of but never thought possible. But instead of me going off like a fan boy, expressing my love for heroes and so forth, I want to share something a little different.

You see, I got into a conversation earlier today that revolved around stereotypes, specifically the nerd kind. I'm quick to point out that despite my current form, I wasn't a nerd when I was young. In fact, it wasn't until I moved to Australia when I was 8 that my love pop culture began to take shape, revolving around Nintendo consoles and Star Wars.

These days, my life is all about science fiction and fantasy. Being a writer I'm surrounded by ideas, characters and stories every moment I get. I wear of tv show, movie and comic book character logos and artwork. I play video games more often than not, quoting lines from shows to friends while joking about life.

The truth is, without pop culture, my life would be very different. Though I still wouldn't like vegemite.

I do get asked some times why I spend so much money on events such as this weekend's Oz Comic Con. My answer is in two parts. A) Because you only live once and B) so why not? When the likes of Stan Lee, Patrick Stewart and Julie Benz are all within the same room at the same time, it's extremely hard to pass up the opportunity to be there with them.

But for me, it isn't just about taking photos or paying for autographs. Those are keepsakes, something I can pass down to my kids, if I'm lucky enough to meet someone willing to create such life with me. Anyway, it's the little moments I love, like sharing a joke or shaking hands, chatting about life, smiling, being a part of something special. The fact that I can take what I love and share it with the very people who helped to create it, no matter how large or small a role they played, matters to me. I don't consider the need to express my love of someone's work, however.

Everyone is the same, no matter who or what they are. We are all human beings who, in some way or another, communicate between each other. When it comes to meeting a celebrity, I don't see them the same way as most people do. If nothing else, I see them as fellow fans, of art and life, that are achieving the very same thing I hope to achieve.

I guess my point is, I treat them equally, just as I do customers at work or strangers on a train. I talk to them, not down to them or sit them high on a pedestal. Because for all the hype and stardom, they are just like me, and I'd want to be treated as a friend that people know they can talk to and trust. That's why I find it so easy to chat to anyone. No matter who you are, there's always a story to tell.

So this weekend, I got to do just that, with friends, legends and total strangers. And for all the moments spent waiting in lines, pushing through crowds and paying God knows what, there was a moment of excitement that I will never forget. I love it all, because it's made me who I am today, and I wouldn't change a thing. Excelsior!

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