Get That Motor Running

So far this week I have submitted two queries to two different literary agents, with the plan being to submit to five at a time. I've also drafted a new poem, started a new article for Pixels for Breakfast, started a new short story for an upcoming competition and begun editing another short story for the Secret Santa Initiative.

Considering how much I've tried to do in the last few months, that's a considerable step forward in just three days.

I made myself a promise that I would put in the time to write more, so far so good I think. The key is finishing off the things I've started, like the editing and such, whilst waiting responses from the first few agents I've submitted to. I'm following some advice from a few authors, seeing what other things I can do in the meantime.

More importantly, it's about repairing my confidence. The more I write, the more I get out there. The more I get out there, the more likely I'll be able to make progress this year.

Also, now I have a picture of a webcam in a vest in my head ... because I'm in'vest'ing in a new one. Blame Melody :p

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